Flash Frozen


Surviving the below-zero temperatures is just the beginning


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Flash Frozen is a first-person horror game in which you control the only survivor of a shipwreck that occurred when a boat full of passengers crashed into a mysterious ice formation that appeared out of nowhere.

Your goal is to escape from inside the boat, which is half-destroyed, half-flooded, and completely run aground on a giant ice formation. The only weapon that your hero will have is a lighter that allows you to illuminate dark areas and light papers to warm yourself up.

Though you won't see anything, it's clear from the very beginning of the game that there is 'something' hanging around the ice in Flash Frozen. However, the main danger that you will have to face at first will be the cold itself. If you stay still or if you touch water, your character will freeze.

In terms of the graphics, Flash Frozen makes the most of the Unity engine. All of the scenes contain a lot of detail, and you can even interact with most of the elements in them, grabbing boxes and moving them around.

Flash Frozen is a first-person horror game with esthetics that really inspire terror and game mechanics that are very, very similar to that of the great game Penumbra.
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